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John Adams AS, LMT CE Provider # 50-15219

Owner of The Fix Therapy & Wellness Center

John Adams, an owner of The Fix Therapy, graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health with an A. S. Degree in Advanced Soft Tissue Manipulation. He has extensive training in deep tissue, clinical sports therapy, therapeutic massage, neuromuscular, craniosacral, Reiki and myofascial release. In 2002, John developed a new approach in the field of massage therapy; a synergistic system of healing called the Neuro Re-boot Approach, otherwise simply known as The Fix Therapy. It is a technique of using tissue manipulation, proper breathing techniques, and specific body movements, where an immediate and straightforward balance is achieved. He decided to create the ultimate 20-minute therapy session. The Fix is the effective therapy for; fibromyalgia, whiplash, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, arthritis, or any nonsurgical condition in muscle tissue. He has also created corporate, spa and hospital-based wellness programs. John is married to Denise, his office manager, they have 3 children, two boys, and a daughter. He currently resides in Suntree.

Advanced Muscular Therapy (The Fix Therapy) #20-391232

The Fix Therapy, A New Movement in pain management. The Ultimate Therapy. Quick and Effective. NO undressing NO lotions, JUST RESULTS! This technique is a proprietary system of healing, combined with the use of soft tissue manipulation, breathing techniques and awareness of Neuro-muscular association.

Athletic Cupping (Acucups) #20-516316

History of Cupping Therapy Benefits of Cupping Therapy Type of Cupping Therapy Side Effects of Cupping Therapy Cupping Therapy Pre/post-Sports Cupping for sports related injuries


Evaluate and access client posture and subconscious holds, muscle testing, nutritional information and customized exercise program to improve range of motion, strength and overall health.

Perfect Intake And Rebook #20-391243

Developing an Intake Form Process of the Intake Form The Psychology behind the Intake Form How to greet your client Build rapport Assess your client Decipher their intake Ending Service Rebooking

Table Posture #20-391242

Defining the body at rest on the table. Observing the clients subconscious holds or patterns.

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