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The Fix Therapy
60 minute functional medicine consultation 
includes in-depth neurological, cardiovascular, health & fitness testing with report of findings.
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Functional Innovated Xynergy

 Our mission is to empower everyone to live their lives in good health and pain-free. Helping you become aware so you can reach your true potential.

 The Fix Therapy® is a cutting-edge modality integrating mindfulness and neuroscience into a simple steps of whole body to brain approach to heal trauma, rewrite limiting beliefs, and find wholeness. The Fix Therapy supports the body’s innate ability to heal. By working on ways to improve your blood flow throughout the body and help reduce your body burden of harmful chemical toxins, the body can gain more cellular energy. Now, the body can use this extra cellular energy for better functioning, quicker repair of damaged tissue, and enhanced growth and regeneration.


The Fix Muscular therapy is to structurally align and integrate the many parts and systems of the body into functioning as a whole helping the client becoming aware. The body becomes unified and restored to wholeness, pain and problems are eliminated and a deep sense of relaxation occurs.


The Fix Therapy is different than other treatment options you may have experienced. We take a very client-centric approach to musculoskeletal care. Whether you’ve been living with chronic and nagging pain for years or if you’ve recently experienced an injury, our goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and back to doing what you love doing.


Whether you want to improve your health, enhance your look, get fit, give your current workout or health plan that extra edge or increase vitality and well-being then The Fix Therapy combined approach to health is the key. By using the vital elements of energy, heat and targeted nutrition at its core it utilizes a variety of different natural therapies to help you change the way you feel, and support health, fitness and beauty from the inside out!

The Fix Therapy


Far-Infrared Sweat Therapy

 Support Circulation & Detoxification at a Cellular Level Heat regulates many physiological reactions in the body, including the immune system and metabolism, while having a profound effect on your circulatory system and detoxification pathways inside our body. With respect to heat, there are two recognized therapies that have been shown to support the body’s natural ability to circulate and detoxify naturally. 

Powerful prolonged sweat
+Detoxify harmful chemicals
+Cardiovascular conditioning for heart & blood vessel support
+Pain & Arthritis
+Depression & mood elevation
+Sleep & insomnia
+Burns approximately 1000 calories a session

The Fix Therapy

What is LED Light Therapy?


LED light therapy is a process by which energy is delivered to various parts of the body via Light Emitting Diodes and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic benefits. The various energy wavelengths penetrate the skin to different depths and provide the energy cells need to activate increased circulation and stimulate cells to release Nitric Oxide, the body’s natural vaso-dilator, this brings greater blood flow to the area of treatment and in turn delivers greater Oxygen.
More blood flow = more Oxygen = Enhanced performance and Accelerated recovery.


The more energy the body has available to spend, the faster it gets out of budget and into repair, accelerating the rate of recovery as well as optimal function and performance. This is where LS Light Technology comes into play, studies show that near infrared light therapy stimulates the production of ATP in the body, LS innovation has combined both Red and Infrared Light together in its flexi pads. This video shows the vital role that light plays in triggering the release of ATP (ENERGY) supporting Accelerated Recovery and Enhanced Performance.


The Fix Therapy


Functional Innovated Xynergy

 Oxygen Zone

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mild HBOT) involves breathing concentrated oxygen in a pressurized chamber. Because of the increased pressure, oxygen loads not only the red blood cells but the plasma as well, allowing the increased oxygen to deeply penetrate the body’s tissues. It boosts cell growth by delivering increased amounts of oxygen to blood, tissues, and organs.
  •   Increased oxygen accelerates bone, skin, and muscle regeneration,
  •   has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect
  •   accelerates the healing process
  •   strengthens and normalizes the immune system, and allows body functions to improve

It’s like when you purchase a bottle of soda, the CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas bubbles are under pressure, which decreases the size of the bubbles enough that they dissolve into the liquid. Therefore, you are unable to see them. When pressure is released, the volume of each bubble increases and the bubbles appear. While an individual is under pressure, the oxygen molecules decrease in size and are able to dissolve into the blood plasma. This exponentially increases oxygen delivery throughout the body and makes it possible for oxygen to reach inflamed tissue and support optimal cellular and organ functionality.



John Adams B.S. LMT, NMT

Owner / Operator of The Fix Therapy for 19 Years

 - The approach of The Fix Muscular therapy is to structurally align and integrate the many parts and systems of the body into functioning as a whole helping the client become aware. The body becomes unified and restored to wholeness, pain and problems are eliminated and a deep sense of relaxation occurs.
Florida Licensed Muscular Therapist for 19 years with Advanced Training in Soft Tissue

Owner / Operator of The Fix Academy for 6 years

 - Which teaches other Florida Licensed
Massage Therapists for their required CEUs.
Florida Licensed CEU Provider of Education for 6 years
Certified in NeuroMuscular Therapy, Kinesio Taping and Functional Movement.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Holistic Health from CFU School of Natural Medicine

Public Speaker at Natural Health Events
Associate of Science Degree in Natural Health from Florida College of Natural Health
Licensed private pilot for 25 years
Ordained Minister since 2016
Board Member for Bridges of Florida Ministry – A Homeless Ministry
Volunteer and Member of the Mosaic Church that feeds the Homeless 2 times a week